Welcome to George Nader Studio

My studio is currently located in Ozone Park, Queens, but I am looking to move to a more centralized and populous area such as Forest Hills, Queens or possibly Downtown Brooklyn.

Professional wedding and portrait photographer based in New York.

I have been working with referrals a lot but it’s time to be more visible in the community I decide to settle in and then advertise heavily.

Once I am well established in the neighborhood, I intend to venture further by acquiring video equipment and hiring video production specialists to work with me in photojournalism, especially weddings. Then I can consolidate my photography and video work into one professional package and with the current skills I have now and the video staff I will be using, I am looking forward to an exciting and rewarding career with products that will outshine the competition. Look for my new logo – Bent Philipson Photography and Video Production.

I think my customers will be thrilled with the results and with the already large customer base I have, placing my studio in a large community will ultimately bring my business to the forefront of photography and eventually allow me to move up the latter further into the heart of New York City – Manhattan!

I hope you will enjoy my articles and the photos I post here.