Early Life

In early childhood, taking pictures was my hobby. Youngest among three siblings of the George Nader family, I was the most pampered one. Born and raised in New York City, I remember on one of my birthdays, I asked for a camera from my parents just for fun. I made full utilization of it. Be it any family function or in a house party, I would seal all the moments with my camera.

Initially, I took pictures as a hobby. When I grew up, I realized I was interested in photography and wanted to take it as a career. I got admitted to one of the most popular schools of photography and knew this is what I wanted to do in my life. College days were amazing and full of life. Learning photography is an art; it was totally mesmerizing for me. I learned about various styles, techniques and theoretical aspect of photography.

After completing my studies, I presented my work at an exhibition and my work became a huge success. It was also a milestone in my life. Since then there has been no looking back. Transforming your hobby into your profession is simply wonderful. This is where my heart and soul lies. I received many awards and appreciation for my pictures and take pride in it.

In one of my exhibitions, the theme of was weddings and portraits After getting so many referrals and requests for family and wedding photography, I ventured into a business. Later on, I established my own photo studio, providing all types of photography services like model photo shoots, business photography, and album creation.

My favorite is covering a wedding ceremony. Every marriage ceremony has a story behind it and I love depicting it through my photographs. Weddings are the most precious moments of life and capturing those moments through my camera is definitely an enriching experience for me.

I like exploring new styles and techniques. I believe every passing year of my life is a learning experience. Photography is a lucrative as well as creative career. Advancement and technology have brought many rapid changes, so I indulge in a lot of reading.

Also, I like traveling places and meeting new people. Having accomplished such milestones, I sincerely owe my success to my parents. They have been a constant support and source of inspiration for me.

About my cameras

I like to use Canon DSLR cameras. Whenever I am out on a vacation, I make sure that I carry a point and shoot camera with me for a quick capture of anything interesting that catches my eye. I started my photography career using 35 mm cameras and moved on to 4×5 formats. Now, of course, I am digital all the way, buy my previous background in developing and printing 35mm film will always keep me a step ahead regarding how to best utilize light and shadow to obtain the most optimum effects.