I understand that this is an exciting time for you. You should know that I am passionate about my camera work. By bringing your excitement and my passion together, you can bet that we will make great pictures together. Whether you have a baby boy or a princess, I assure you that the pictures will come out great.

If needed, I also keep many sets of newborn costumes so that your angel can look perfect. It is important that you stay away from the amateurs posing as photographers because they can absolutely ruin your day, your mood and make your baby irritable.

Also, you might be in double minds in hiring services of professional photographers such as George Nader Studios because you own a DSLR yourself. Do not be tempted to save a few bucks. Children grow up real quick and you will not get these precious weeks back.

By hiring me you can ensure that these first few precious weeks are captured. I also offer special packages in which I take shots every month till they turn a full year. If you like my work you can even hire me as the birthday photographer. This way you can have an entire professional collage of your child’s first year.

George Nader Studios understands this beautiful baby behavior. Your precious baby simply needs to do his or her thing. Taking the best pictures is our business. Also, if your newborn gets tired during a picture session then I make it a point to call it wrap. Your baby’s sleep and requirements are a priority. My team and I can wait or come again the next day.

I have been in this business of clicking baby photos since I got my first camera so you absolutely do not have to worry about references. After incorporating George Nader Studios I have had the good fortune to work with many happy parents and their newborns.

I try to click as many portraits of your child as I possibly can in different settings. As a bonus, I also add you, the parents, in the frame so that you can forever cherish these glorious moments.

If your child is on the way and you are simply planning ahead then I request you to call me. By getting in now I can take a look at your home and crib and plan the schedule ahead. Creativity sometimes takes time. If you have already delivered then there is no time to waste because in the wink of an eye your little beauty would have all grown up. So, go ahead and hire George Nader Studios.