There are a lot of studios in New York who can capture portrait pictures. However, only George Nader studios can guarantee that perfect portrait photo which captures the essence and beauty of a moment. If you are looking for the perfect portrait shot then you have to follow the basic elements of photography. I incorporated the George Nader Studios because I am passionate about photography.

And my passion shows in my work. Here are a couple of factors I always take care of that ensures best portraits when you hire the services of George Nader Studios.

• Exposure Compensation

A rookie mistake which many expert cameramen make is ignoring exposure compensation while taking portraits. Exposure compensation basically deals with the amount of light entering a camera lens.

A camera’s metering system is usually foolproof and I generally do not mess with it. However, when it comes to portraits I do not shy away either. By increasing the exposure setting I make sure that whites in the photos are not dim. I pay express attention to this facet while doing wedding portraits.

• Aperture

Portraits are supposed to make your expression and face stand out from the background. Right? Well, I can make it happen by making sure that the aperture is set at wide. Now, these are just some basic tips which anybody with a DSLR would know. However, many studios ignore taking the timeout to set a wider aperture because, well, it takes time.

A George Nader Studios, I make sure that each of my clients is treated as family and that everyone receives the full experience benefits of my camera.

• Shutter Speed

This might sound like gibberish to an amateur but portraits can come out blurred if the shutter speed is not set right in comparison with the angle. I at George Nader Studios ensure that the perfect pictures come out even when you move around the frame. The best photos come out with models who do not pose.

• Choice of Lens

Do you want to look taller, thinner or someone with sharp features? I can make it happen with my magic box of lenses. I have enough understanding of the various angles and lens choice to make you appear as you want to. I can make any part of your face stand out.

These are just a few of the tricks that are up my sleeve. For the full experience hire George Nader Studio services today.