High-end cameras are the in thing now and there are many people who pass themselves off as photographers. However, only George Nader Studios can guarantee pictures like you want to remember.

You can hire my services as any kind of photographer to mark an important day or time in your lives. However, I specialize in portraits, weddings, and newborn photos. Needless to say, I can also cover engagements, sweet sixteen and any other remarkable milestone in your life.

I have been known to be patient, amiable, passionate and creative. I understand the various vagaries faced by a photographer. Like that of photographing a newborn. There are many nuances to being a newborn photographer. Lighting, exposure, shutter speed and even the right kind of lens can make a lot of difference. Also, babies are not exactly the most agreeing models. They come with their own unique charms and tantrums.

The mark to be a good photographer is in the equipment that he possesses. George Nader Studios have a fantastic list of equipment resources.

• Best Cameras

I might sound like I am bragging here but I have invested in some of the best machines. Canon XF200 to Sony PMW100 and even Nikon D5600, you name it George Nader Studios has it. This lets me take the best possible shots of an event or of you. I was not joking when I claimed photography to be a passion.

• Backdrops

In many cases especially for portraits you might not be comfortable to get clicked in a live setting. Anyway the backgrounds come out blurred. To make things easier and quicker George Nader Studios has invested in life-like backdrops for you to choose from. Also, it is easier to manipulate lighting and other effects in a closed environment.

• Props

The best shot deserves some good details. For example in your wedding shot adding a nice tall vase of tulips would certainly look sophisticated. This is another one of my upsides. George Nader Studios pays attention to details. We try to get the best experience and picture you could ever imagine at costs that do not hit your pockets.

• Editing Software

Even the best shot will require a bit of touch up. You can depend on me to give you the best pictures. By using software like Lightroom and Photoshop I painstakingly ensure that ever effect and nuance in a photo is perfect. Only then do I frame it and deliver to you.

There are many other aspects that make George Nader Studios a good option. Call to learn more.